Photos: Didzis Grodzs

Youth has always been occupied with the idea that have the ability to influence their destiny and change the world. But everything that one achieves turns into dust after. Only those who listen, observe, are more aware and use all their senses might realise that life in fact happens in the shade of the Greek culture. Life is sandbox and vary only in details. Each sandbox has a builder of its own sand castle. The great interaction between hands and sand, mind meets the substance to create the material reality. Sandbox is the beginning of all, one might have no box, but sand is always available. Equal opportunities for all but with such different approach by everyone. And here we get heroes, newbies, degenerates, academics and the lovely, fragile ones. Where do these roles come from? Summer goes by and school starts. With the first snow the temptation of the sandbox quiets down to increase in Spring and it starts all over again. Have you ever experienced the transformation from a hero to a newbie or vice versa? And who are those who affect and decide that? Those insipred and obsessed? Maybe we should just simply admit that it's impossible to get out of the sandbox as we are humans. Creatures with mind, big but so little in the same time. What is your sandbox and is it changing?


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