Coloured Metal


Coloured Metal is a collaboration with Klavs Upaciers for the international contemporary art festival SURVIVAL KIT 3. One of the things we have on us daily is money. The forms of money are banknotes and coins. Banknotes come in various colours and we are usually aware of them, i.e. they are of sufficient value for us to know exactly how many of them we possess and where we store them. Coins have little value. Even though they are decorated with a variety of images they are constantly neglected. The objects with no colour and practical purpose to make small purchases. Besides these days the role of money in its material form is decreasing. More trust is put into virtual money, even though it only exists in digital form. Being intangible it has more value than the physical version. We want to bestow coins with a new meaning, colour them and encourage people to look at them from a different, more impractical point of view.


© Brigita Zelca-Aispure, BZ-A / Design by ME—OW

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