BB glasses


The souvenir line as a tribute to work by Latvian artist Boriss Berzins consists of glasses made of crystal in a collaboration with Kristaps Grundsteins and has received the Annual Award in Design by the Latvian Designers’ Union in the category Glass and Style in 2008. The glasses stand out with the broad shapes and rhythms of lines that appear throughout the paintings of Boriss Berzins. Other souvenirs are sets of postcards Backs and Skirts (LNMA),  Boriss Says DVDs (director Olafs Okonova, cameraman Uldis Jancis, script author Laima Slava, the national cinema award Lielais Kristaps in 2002), as well as a monographic album Boriss Berzins by Laima Slava (publisher Neputns). Packaging design of the glasses and a stand for placing the whole line of souvenirs was also developed.

Editor of the informative material – Anna Iltnere, graphic design – Sandijs Ruluks and Monika Gruzite, HungryLab. Organized by Design Information Centre, The Latvian National Museum of Art. Photos by Gints Malderis.



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