Venus of Willendorf

21st century


BA diploma work, the Art Academy of Latvia. Venus of Willendorf 21st century is an in-depth search of female identity. The sculpture is 4.5 m high, made of glued foam, rubber sheets and covered in peaces of mirror plastic wich creates a peculiar replica of the masterpiece from the Stone Age. Venus of Willendorf 21st century is a conceptual artwork allowing women of nowadays to shine in their reflection while Venus is shining herself. Her female shapes are surprising and even shocking for some. It is not about feminism, it's about women as such.

Thanks to Dizainstudija-A, State Culture Capital FoundationDesign Information Centre, Culture Department of the Riga City Council.

Photos by Didzis Grodzs.


© Brigita Zelca-Aispure, BZ-A / Design by ME—OW

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